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Download Prince of Persia Sands of Time for PC Full Version

About the Game

Prince of  Persia: The Sands of Time is a third-individual activity experience perplex stage computer game created and distributed by Ubisoft. This Game Released worldwide on March 2003. The Movie Prince of Persia Sands of Time is Developed after this Video Game.


The Main Player in this game is an unnamed Prince from a kingdom in Persia. The Prince can move any direction he desires. His Power and Health are represented in the top left Corner of the Screen. His health and power can be restored by drinking water and Collecting Sands from the enemies. The ability of the prince is that he can rewind time about 10 Seconds if he done a mistake or decrease the Health level. Another ability is Freezing time. By this ability he can freeze the time, at that time the time will be stopped and he can attack more enemies as fast as possible. Using any of the above abilities will consume a Sand from the Slot. This can be restored by killing enemies.




The story is set in Persia during the 9th century AD, and begins with the Prince narrating to an unseen listener about his adventures.The Prince and the army of his father Shahraman are passing through India to visit the Sultan of Azad. The Vizier of a local Maharaja, wanting to prevent his death using a substance known as the Sands of Time, entices them into attacking the Maharaja's palace, where the Sands are stored. During the fight, the Prince loots an artifact called the Dagger of Time, and the Maharaja's daughter Farah is taken as a gift for the Sultan of Azad. Visiting Azad, the Vizier tricks the Prince into releasing the Sands, turning everyone but the Prince, the Vizier and Farah (protected by the Dagger, a staff and a medallion respectively) into monsters. The Vizier attempts to seize the Dagger from the Prince, but he escapes and eventually allies with Farah to undo the damage he has caused and prevent the Sands from covering the world, even though he has doubts about her loyalties and motives.

After navigating the palace of Azad and reaching the hourglass of the Sands in the Tower of Dawn, the Prince hesitates when following Farah's instructions on containing the Sands, unsure of whether to trust her. The Vizier ambushes them and they barely escape with the Dagger, ending up in a tomb beneath the city. Eventually finding shelter in a mysterious bathhouse, the two rest and begin showing feelings for each other. When the Prince wakes back in the palace, Farah has gone with the Dagger, leaving him her medallion. He follows her and only just manages to catch her as she is driven over a ledge above the hourglass by monsters. To save the Prince, Farah allows herself to fall to her death. As the Prince mourns over her, the Vizier offers him eternal life in exchange for the Dagger. The Prince refuses and stabs the hourglass with the Dagger. Time rewinds to before the attack on the Maharaja's palace, and the Prince, still in possession of the Dagger and his memories, runs ahead to warn Farah of the Vizier's treachery. It is now revealed that the Prince has been recounting his tale to Farah, and as he finishes, the Vizier enters to kill him. The Prince kills the Vizier and returns the Dagger to Farah, who believes his narrative was just a story. In parting, the Prince mentions a private word she told him during their time in the tomb, leaving her amazed.

Download Prince of Persia Sands of Time Full Game for PC
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