Monday, 23 July 2018

Download GTA 6 Compressed Game

GTA6 compressed game download

New Game Features:

1. New Locations:
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • New Orleans
  • Washington DC

In the Older Versions of GTA series Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas are the main cities. Now in this version of GTA 6 They Include New cities. The Included Cities details are given above in the Map.


2. Improved vehicle variation

When Compared to other GTA Series it include Bicycles (Gear and without Gear) in GTA San Andreas. So we can expect the vehicle variations in the new releasing game. In the wishlist of GTA 6 The inclusion of vehicles like skateboards and rollerblades are in the top of the order. So We can expect it in this Game.

GTA 6 Release Date – When is it coming out?

GTA 6 will be Releasing on 2018 October 6

3. New Shops and Houses

The inclusion of New Shops will be there in GTA6. The Shops like Barbershop, Dress shop, Hotels,etc... Will be same as the Previous Versions.

The New Shops will be in Vespucci Beach. There we can see  and a variety of smaller stores in the pavements.

4. VR Support

To Enhance the experience of the User VR Support is introduced in this Game.

The Game will available after Release. Keep in touch